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Well I went over to our Big Brother site today.

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Well I went over to our Big Brother site today.

Post by Bulldog on Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:20 am

And I was surprised at how quite it is. The majority of the names online were new to me and much like ourselves there was'nt a lot of discussion about PMs. I must admit I certainly missed the old site to begin with but now i find I'm over it. Neutral

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Re: Well I went over to our Big Brother site today.

Post by Dirtbikepilot on Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:32 am

Yes the attendance and participation is nothing like what it used to be. If you check the stats
participation has plummeted. Average time on site has fallen from a peak of about 46min per user to 6 mins per user.
Page views per user from a peak of 44 per user to only 4 per user. Obtained from webstatsdomain.com

We did say once the fun was gone the people would follow. Don't want to hammer them as it is still a good forum,
but they wanted boring and that is exactly what they got. Sleep I still visit but tend to spend about 2 mins checking for
anything worth reading, check messages, reply and leave. It doesn't take any longer as there is generaly nothing
much added or of interest.

It used to be if you didn't log in a couple of times a day you would not be able to catch up with the posts. Now you
could be gone a week and it would only take 10mins to catch up.

It's a shame really.

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Re: Well I went over to our Big Brother site today.

Post by alexisio on Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:40 am

Big Brother is happy. I can understand what you mean by its changed, thats what they wanted wasnt it?

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Re: Well I went over to our Big Brother site today.

Post by Apocalypse prettysoon on Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:32 am

I think the big money in PM dealing is in superannuation rollovers. And those folks probably arent interested in broadening their minds.Or watching old bags flirt with desperate old men
Plus alot of the guys on silverstackers are minions of the evil papist matrix. And probably dont like us exposing them with conspiracy type news and discussions.

Big news! I went to court and was last one called. After sitting there 4 and a half hours watching noncriminals accepting being treated as criminals due to their enslaved hearts and minds. I was deeply saddened by the time it came to me.
Any day in a magistrates court is a witness to great wickedness inflicted by men who realise what theyre doing.

Anyhow I realised it was my turn when correctional officers and the sheriff entered and sat next to me.

And the beak tried to trick me into his jurisdiction. As expected. Failed. dishonoured me by not allowing me to answer the matter on a special appearance.
Which is me in common law talking over the jurisdictional fence to the police in summary jurisdiction.
And wouldnt let me finish anything I said, Kept interupting me. I told him to let me finish speaking. Which was good for about 30 seconds, then he decided he liked the sound of his own voice again.

anyhow he broke the law, dishonoured me , and issused a warrant for my arrest in my debtslave vatican birth certificate title. Pretending he couldnt see me anywhere in the court.
Which is a pain in the arse.
Means i'll cop another beating by the police in the future before I;m dragged into the pope's inquisition courts again.

Found some really bad news legislationwise, while I was there.
I'll discuss it later for your edification.
But the upshot is big big things are changing in the law.
None of them good.
Apocalypse prettysoon

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Re: Well I went over to our Big Brother site today.

Post by Sponsored content

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