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Went to PANDAA meeting

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Went to PANDAA meeting Empty Went to PANDAA meeting

Post by centralPA on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:45 pm

I hate acronyms.

So this group is Ron Paul type of people- a group looking for a fight. Under NDAA the govt can round up people for no reason and detain them. So this group is to stop that.

As we met- I felt- there is no clear attainable goal. No way to measure success.

Then I noticed the petition I signed a month ago- still sets there.

As we brought up ideas- I wanted to stop fluoridation of the city water- and or revoke that corporations do not have full human rights. Maybe restore glass stegall.

The moderator- I think was high- because in 1 hours time- we did nothing... I got bored and left.

The leader wants us to reach out to other groups- but ACLU lost 6 people from coming- and why replicate what oath keepers is already doing??

I doubt any of us are at risk for round up per NDAA.

I really thought I could have had support on getting the drinking water cleaned up.

Tell me- how are 10 people going to change what amounts to as a UN agenda??
10 people against the entire system.

A month ago- I signed the petition- which still sits there. I bet the top brass is scared shitless- because a few dozen of us signed a petition.

My dad used to say-- choose your battles carefully. You might lose the fight- but get a good punch in.

Whats more is 2 people there- did not think fluoride was bad for you.

Mentally I am noting too- who rents and who owns. The leader rents... so any issue around here-

1. you can not be anonymous- you have to state your name.
2. you must live in the area
3. how long you lived there is noted
4. how far back your family goes is noted
5. do you rent or own-
6. If you own a business you get points for that

So PANDAA will now meet once a month.

One guy said- how do you think we can stop the fluoridation of the water, go and steal the tank?

10 people at a board meeting could have some sway. I can tell you- alot more then 10 want it stopped.

This goal would be measured.

Even the fed guidelines- cut in half- the amount of fluoride that could be added, my town did not cut in half the amount added.

I like the advice my brother in law said a while back--- "worry about your own stuff"

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